The National Sports Museum Online is a listing of sports-related collections held by museums, archives and clubs around the country. Here you can browse through all the organisations who have supplied details of their collections.

Latest collections
  • Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

    Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

    Being the world’s oldest bowling green – used continuously from circa 1299 – we have the ambition to add to our existing archives to chronicle our interesting history.
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  • World Rugby Hall of Fame

    World Rugby Hall of Fame

    Experience rugby's greats and the moments that defined the sport at the new, state-of-the-art World Rugby Hall of Fame.
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  • Royal Automobile Club Archive

    Royal Automobile Club Archive

    In addition to the resources housed in the Club's well-stocked Library, the Royal Automobile Club archive is a unique and valuable collection of documents, memorabilia and photographs, providing not only an immense wealth of original evidence about the long history of the Club, but also a rich source for motor sport historians.
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  • The National Motorcycle Museum

    The National Motorcycle Museum

    The National Motorcycle Museum houses the largest collection of British motorcycles in the world with over 1000 machines from 171 different manufacturers spanning no less than three centuries!
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  • Manchester United Museum Tour

    Manchester United Museum Tour

    Most people have heard something of the triumphs and tragedy behind the scenes and on the pitch at Old Trafford, but how much of the story do you really know? Blending historical exhibits with state-of-the-art interactive experiences the Museum lets you get even closer to the world of Manchester United than ever before.
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  • National Paralympic Heritage Trust

    National Paralympic Heritage Trust

    The National Paralympic Heritage Trust (NPHT) is a newly formed trust and is in the process of building its collection of British Paralympic Heritage. With Heritage Lottery Funding support the Trust will be developing a heritage centre at the birthplace of the Paralympics, Stoke Mandeville, for opening in 2018.
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  • Tamworth FC Heritage

    Tamworth FC Heritage

    Our project aims to record, display and preserve the first 75 years history of Tamworth Football Club in four main ways.
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  • South Kirkby Colliery Football Club (Almost) Complete History

    South Kirkby Colliery Football Club (Almost) Complete History

    A website dedicated to the history of non-league South Kirkby Colliery Football Club.
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  • National Museums Scotland

    National Museums Scotland

    Archaeological to contemporary artefacts are included in the collections, and cover all sporting disciplines. There is a particular emphasis on traditional Scottish sports and games (hand ball games, stone and hammer throwing) and sports most commonly associated with Scotland (curling, football and rugby, golf, Highland games, motor-car/cycle racing, mountaineering and shinty).
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